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One of our core values is to provide excellent customer service. We handle the deceased with love and care. We add a personal touch to every client we meet. We are here to serve the community and provide a service to humanity as a whole. We arrange cost effective funerals and don’t believe in causing additional financial strain to the family.

Business Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to expand our business into a household name, not only in Lenasia, but surrounding areas as well. Our motto at Goodies Funeral Directors is: “It’s a question of style “

Business Strategy

Our expertise in the Funeral Industry helps us to understand individual customer’s needs and requirements. We are able to communicate with customers and understand their requirements and frustrations in the midst of a very difficult time. We never allow customers to leave our premises unsatisfied or unhappy and we believe that the customer is always right.

Business Competitiveness

We understand that the Funeral Industry is plagued by “fly by night undertakers” that offer cheaper, more convenient funerals. However, Goodies Funerals has attained the reputation of offering dignified funerals. We are assured that once we have provided a service to a family, we are guaranteed of their return when the need arises.


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